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LaKiTa Dance Academy is an approved PDC school. We are very proud about this. Being PDC Approved guarentees that you will receive outstanding tuition in a safe environment. Only go to other studios that have this stamp of approval.



  • The Pole Dance Community either Registers or Approves individual pole dancing instructors.
  • Additionaly, if a school has all of its instructors Approved then it may display the Approved Dance School logo.
  • PDC Instructors will provide the PDC with copies of public liability, professional indemnity and first aid qualifications.
  • PDC Instructors will ensure that there are never more than 3 students to a pole when teaching.
  • PDC Instructors will only use safe pole dancing poles* and will happily disclose information about the type of poles used.
  • PDC Instructors will ensure that their poles are properly cleaned and maintained.
  • PDC Instructors will endeavour to provide a safe environment for their students (including a safe distance between poles).
  • PDC Instructors will not be exploitative and will aim to make their charges reasonable.
  • PDC Instructors must prohibit any student who is or is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs from participating in any pole dance session.
  • PDC Instructors will operate wholly within the laws applicable to them in their own jurisdiction.
  • PDC Instructors will display the PDC logo and link on their website, at their premises and on promotional material wherever possible.


* safe pole dancing poles are poles that are designed to accommodate the stresses and tensions imposed upon them by pole dancing. Safe pole dancing poles will be clean, well maintained and free from rust or other conditions that may be harmful to the user.




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