Pole Fitness


Beginners, you can join in any of our Mixed Ability or Beginner sessions. 






Pole Fitness is for everyBODY. We cater for ALL fitness levels, teaching beginners right the way through to elite!


When you start pole you go on a journey of self discovery and it's beautiful to watch. The most timid, quiet students come to classes on their own, wearing the baggiest clothes. As the weeks go by the confidence starts to shine through. They make firends for life and the shorts get smaller. They learn to love their bodies and start to celebrate the amazing things they can do! With our support network we'll help you with self love and self confidence. We've created a community at LaKiTa like no other. 


Our classes will increase your strength, flexibility and endurance . You'll be addicted from your first spin! Come and find your soul sisters and gain confidence whilst you have fun!


LaKiTa provide lessons in a professional environment with QUALIFIED instructors. You won't be left feeling alone or like you don't fit it. We have students of ALL shapes, ages and sizes. At LaKiTa we are a family and we can't wait to welome you all in! It may look impossible now, but there is a technique and skill behind every move. Just let us show you how!








Develop upper body strength


Improve muscle definition across your WHOLE body


Improve core and upper body strength


Improve stamina and endurance


Burn calories


Improve co-ordination


Gain heaps of confidence


Find you soul sisters!


What should I wear?


Beginners should wear a t-shirt or vest top and a pair of shorts. Please wear something warm to warm up in like a tracksuit/gymwear.


Please be prepared to wear shorts as you start to advance through beginner moves as skin contact is needed on the pole. We understand that some may feel a little uncomfortable in shorts but please be reassured that classes are very supportive and no one here will ever be judgmental.


Please DO NOT moisturise 24hrs before the class.


Please leave all jewellery and watches at home. We can not be responsible for lost property.

Our current pole fitness class schedule






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