Aerial Hoop


Everyone’s thought about running away with the circus right? Now here’s your chance to train as a circus artist!


This Aerial skill incorporates strength, flexibility and stamina, things that you will also learn on the Pole.


Students will get to explore the techniques of Aerial Hoop, teaching you how to combine beautiful moves together working towards short routines.


Classes will start with a warm up and end with a stretch and cool down. We will cover conditioning exercises that will help you build strength and stamina.


BEGINNER AERIALISTS must attend a Beginners class for a minimum of  12-16 weeks before moving into another aerial class. Our Beginner classes run on a Monday at 6pm and Saturday Morning.


Your Instructor will sign you off when you are ready to move classes.







Develops all over body strength


Amazing core workout


Increases stamina and endurance


Burns Calories


Great Fun!



What to wear


Close fitting clothes are recommended. You don’t want your t-shirt over your head when you go upside down!


Leggings, a leotard and an over t-shirt/jumper. Nothing with zips or buckles.


Please leave all jewellery and watches at home. We can not be responsible for lost property.

Our current aerial class schedule



MONDAY - 6:00PM - BEGINNERS ONLY - Please note: you must attend a minimum of 12 weeks in this class before moving into a Mixed Ability class. Your instructor will sign you off. 


TUESDAY- 6:00pm Mixed Ability


WEDNESDAY- 7:15pm Mixed Ability


SATURDAY - 9am Beginner

                        9am Mixed Ability 



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