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LaKiTa Dance Academy offers a wide variety of membership options designed to fit your schedule and budget. From pay as you go sessions to an all-inclusive package, you're sure to find the best plan for you.


Depending on level, membership packages can be used for pole, aerial arts, flexibility and routine courses. 


They can help you to spread the cost of class payments.


With our Gold Level package you'll receive discounts on 121s and in-house workshops and routine courses are free of charge . See below for more details.



Package details

Package Details


Pay-per-visit plan


Every class is billed separately. Classes must still be paid for 1 week in advance. Ideal for occasional workouts.


Block booking classes



Save money by block booking sessions. Ideal for 1+ sessions a week. MUST BE USED WITH 1 MONTH.

Full Membership - includes UNLIMITED access to ALL classes ***
Heelography Classes  are FREE of charge.
You'll receive 50% discount on all in house workshops and Private Tuition. 
*** (Exc. Beginners classes if you are no longer a beginner)
Includes UNLIMITED access to all pole, aerial and flexibility classes ***
*** (Exc. Beginners classes if you are no longer a beginner)
This entitles you to -
1 Pole class, 1 Aerial Class and 1 Flexibility Class a week***
*** (Exc. Beginners classes if you are no longer a beginner)

Class prices

Single classes Price £

Pole Fitness










Aerial Arts 10.00
Flexibility 6.00
Gold Monthly Membership 115.00
Silver Monthly Membership 85
Bronze Monthly Membership 65
Block Booking Courses Price £
Pole Fitness x4 Sessions 35
Aerial Arts x4 Sessions 35
Flexibility x4 Sessions 20
Heelography Class  x4 £45
Aerial Routine Course x4 £50

Junior classes - Not currently available

X4 Classes  Price £
Pole Fitness 20.00
Aerial Arts 20.00
Flexibility 5.00


Party Type (10 people min) Price £ per person
Pole Party  £20
Aerial Party £20


Session Price £
Pole Fitness x1 hour 40.00
Aerial Arts x1 hour 40.00
Posing Session  75.00
Personal Training 40.00
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