Online Coaching/ Personal Training 

What is Online Coaching? 


Online coaching is about having the confidence and knowing that you're doing everything right and that you’re moving towards your goal on the quickest path possible. Take away the guess work. Not enough education is given in the way of nutrition and the correct way to train for your individual goals.


What do you get?


Join our online family. Everything you need supplied directly to your phone / computer. Wether you have a holiday, wedding or big event coming up or perhaps you’ve hit a plateau and progress has halted. Whatever the reason we have a team of professional coaches and athletes to guide you in every aspect. Training plans, nutritional plans, 24/7 professional support, results tracking/ progress review and much more. If you can’t reach our gym, don’t worry, online coaching has you covered.


Bespoke Nutrition Plans


As we know, everybody is different, we react differently to various methods. There is no one method that fits all. So your nutrition plan is designed with your unique goals, body type and likes/dislikes in mind.


Bespoke Training Plans


Your training plans are designed to incorporate your unique goals, weak body parts, training availability and training style. Enjoying your training is important and so is training for your goals. Your unique training plan will cover everything you need to hit your goals in the quickest time period possible


Weekly Progress Tracking


Once per week you’ll send your check-in details to your coach. Using this weekly information the appropriate changes will be made to your plan to ensure continuous progress. This is the key to ensuring progress and avoiding the plateau.


Support Network


Having the right support is essential when it comes to creating your ultimate physique. We all have our bad days. Having the support of your coach 24/7 is a huge advantage. Whatever the question, whenever you need support your coach is there to help.




A detailed training programme and online guides provided by our professional athlete coaches. Get the most from your workouts at home or in the gym whilst avoiding risk and confusion with our advice.


There is too much misleading information and bogus ‘weight loss’ products on the market which all set you up to fail. We believe in fuelling your body to achieve optimal results! No crash weight loss programmes with huge calorie deficits and unrealistic lifestyle expectations. Just REAL nutrition that can still allow you to enjoy what you love!


Our plans are tailored to suit your lifestyle, goals and body type. Simply follow the training and nutritional plan, ask any questions whenever you have them and watch the results come flooding in. Weekly check-ins help to keep you on track and endure you get SUSTAINABLE results. IT REALLY WORKS!

We have a gym, BodyCulture, in chorley where we hold our Personal Training sessions.









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