Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoCardless?


It's our payment system that sets up your dierect dibit for monthly memberships.



Can I still pay cash even though bookings are online?



We don't accept cash payments.



Am I put into a 12 month contract if I join Memberships?


There is no 12 month contract but you will be tied into 2 billing cycles. You are under our terms and conditions which require you to give 30 days notice if you wish to cancel your membership. If you cancel your membership you will be billed for the month after so please bare this in mind. All membership cancelations must be put in writing to


If you fail to pay any remaing balance your details will automatically be passed onto a debt collection agency.


Standard terms and conditions apply to all classes.



What happens if I get injured/pregnant?



You are required to give 30 days minimum notice to come out of your agreement. If you are injured you could switch your classes to one which was more suitable, for example move from aerial to flexibility. However, you will not receive a refund of payments as you will still be in your agreement terms.


If you become pregnant, unfortunately you will not be able to continue with classes. We will cancel you membership to end that month. This includes all single class payments and block bookings as well as memberships. Payments made are non refundable.



What if I want to change my class booking?



This is possible to do as long as you are in the 48hrs margin. It is not possible to switch the class you booked after 48hrs and you will lose payment. The possibility to switch will also depend on the class availability. We recommend you try to move your class as early as possible through our online booking system. If you need to cancel your class please do not forget to do so through the booking system so that someone who may be on the waiting list can take your place. e out of the cancelation notice margine you will lose your payment. There are no carry overs under any circumstances.


Can I updrage my membership?



Yes, you can upgarde on the online booking system at any time.  Just click on upgrade from your profile.



How do I cancel my membership?



To cancel your membership we require a 30 day notice period. Please email us at . Once cancelled we will let you know about any outstanding payments.





What happenes to my membership when you are closed for the holidays?

There are lots of classes available to book. You will be able to use up all your classes for december before we break for Christmas. 

What do I need to wear?


Pole Fitness Classes


For our pole classes, as a beginner, you can wear leggings for your first lesson but this is not advised as you need your skin to grip. Please be aware that to advance through the moves you will be required to wear shorts as you will need skin contact with the pole. This is also a safety issue.


Please DO NOT MOISTURISE 24hrs before your class. This causes the skin to be slippy and is a safety hazard! Bare feet unless you are attending a heels class.


Aerial Arts Classes


Please wear a close fitting top and leggings. Layers are a good idea for aerial to protect your skin. Bare feet.


Flexibility Classes


Again it is a good idea to wear layers for this class to keep the body warm. Clothes that allow you to move freely.



Please leave all jewellery and watches at home. We can not be responsible for lost property.



Can Beginners only attend the beginners class?


Beginners can join in any classes, however, it is advised that you attend the Beginners class where possible.



When will I be ready to go upside down?



Everyone's fitness journey is different so we can't give you an exact time that you will be able to invert. Enjoy you time as a beginner, this is where you will set your foundation for the rest of your journey. If you try to rush yourself through not only are you missing part of the fun, you'll be disapointed when you find things too difficult and you think you'll never be good enough. Trust your instructors, they know what they're talking about :)



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