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Pole Fitness

Pole FItness is a great way to build strength and confidence! We are a family and look forward to welcoming you into our home. At our studio there are no judgments. It doesn't matter if you have no dance background or if you are not super fit. It doesn't matter if you have never stepped foot in a gym or if you think you have no upper body strength! Everyone has to start somewhere. Everyone was once a beginner. Have a look at our classes and upcoming events and feel free to contact us if you have any more questions. 

Aerial Hoop

Pole and Aerial compliment each other extremely well in terms of building all over body strength and flexibility. Once you try one you'll definitely want to try the other! Why run away with the circus when you can run away with us instead? 






If  you want to improve all over body flexibility or you just want to improve your range of motion this class is for you! Flexibility is an integral part of pole and aerial. As you advance in classes improving your flexibility will certinly help you get into those more difficult tricks!All levels welcome.



A firm favourite with our students! All we ask is that you have a minimum 6 weeks pole classes with us to attend so that you have a basic knowledge of pole skill and technique.



Lauren Kenealy CEO LaKiTa Dance


If you're looking for some fantastic ways to get fit that actually work get yourself down to LaKiTa!


We provide the highest standards of tuition. You'll be taught by professionals who know what it takes to get to the top. Our instructors are highly skilled with over 12 years experience working in the pole industry. They work with each student's individual strengths right from the first lesson.


It may look impossible now but there is a technique and skill behind every move. Our classes will increase your strength, flexibility and endurance . You'll be addicted from your first spin! Come and make new friends and gain confidence whilst you have fun and learn the process of self love.


If you're a beginner or an elite athlete, our helpful staff are trained to assist you in all aspects of your journey. You don't need any previous experience. You don't need amazing upper body strength. It doesn't matter if you don't have a dance or gymnastic background or if you've never set foot in a gym! Our trainers will listen to your needs and develop a workout individually designed for you to meet your goals! We can help you get the results YOU want.


We also hold Workshops every month specialising in flexibility, heels, pole flow, flips and many more. More information about what is on each month can be found in our events on facebook and through our online booking system. 


Take a look at our social pages to see what our girls get up to!






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