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LaKiTa Dance Academy offers a wide variety of membership options designed to fit your schedule and budget. From pay as you go sessions to an all-inclusive package, you're sure to find the best plan for you.

Package details

Package Details
Pay-per-visit plan Every class is billed separately. Classes must still be paid for 1 week in advance. Ideal for occasional workouts.
Block booking classes Save money by block booking sessions. Ideal for 1+ sessions a week. MUST BE TAKEN PER WEEK. THERE ARE NO CARRY OVERS ON BLOCKS
Weekly Membership A weekly package that includes unlimited classes. Ideal for 2+ sessions per week. 
Monthly membership A monthly package that includes unlimited classes. Ideal for 3+ sessions per week. 

Class prices

Single classes Price £
Pole Fitness 10:00
Aerial Arts 10.00
Flexibility 6.00
Personal Training 40.00
Weekly Membership 30.00
Monthly Membership  85.00
Block Booking Courses Price £
Pole Fitness x4 Sessions 35
Pole Fitness x6 Sessions 48
Aerial Arts x4 Sessions 35
Aerial Arts x6 Sessions 48
Pole Routine Course x4 £40
Aerial Routine Course x4 £50

Junior classes

X4 Classes  Price £
Pole Fitness 20.00
Aerial Arts 20.00
Flexibility 5.00


Party Type (10 people min) Price £ per person
Pole Party  £20
Aerial Party £20

Private tuition

Session Price £
Pole Fitness x1 hour 40.00
Aerial Arts x1 hour 40.00
Posing Session  75.00
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